woman's coldness

All the blame for the coldness of a woman should not be given to the man, because sometimes coldness in women occurs even before marriage, such as there is some error in the woman’s uterus and female sex organs, disorder of the secretory glands, weakness, blood disorders, of conception. There can be many such physical and mental reasons like fear, wrong attitude towards sex or the effect of painful intercourse. Which causes cooling.Therefore, a sensible man should be sympathetic towards himself, by making his behavior, conduct and affectionate environment, to know the diseases and sufferings of his woman and soon by proper treatment, remove the physical diseases and sufferings of the woman and end her coldness so that the woman and the man. Both of them can fulfill the effect of their Rati Kriya happily and being cooperative to each other so that their married life can become happy.By taking advantage of our successful treatment, countless such women have made their life really happy by giving full cooperation with their husbands.


Gynecological infertility

In this condition, the male is capable of producing offspring and sperms are also found in them in normal condition. But his wife’s ability to conceive is reduced or terminated. Sometimes there is swelling in the woman’s uterus due to which pain in the tubes and poo remains, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. Each woman has two oviducts with her uterus.From which the pregnant egg comes out after each month of menstruation and the men wait for the sperms mixed in the semen released from the intercourse. Keep in mind, there are innumerable sperm in the semen of the man, if the woman is healthy and healthy, then only one sperm is enough for her ovum, which meets the ovum in the ovum and flows into the internal veins of the tube and reaches the uterus where It starts sprouting from which the foundation of the child is laid.From the mouth of the uterus to the vagina, there are many types of glands, in which many types of juices are made, which carry the sperms implanted by the man to the ovum and give full support to the woman from getting pregnant. If there is any defect in these glands, then sperm and egg protector juice will not be formed in them, as a result, if the sperm is destroyed between the vagina and the uterus, pregnancy will not take place.In such a situation, a woman should get her treatment done after proper consultation and necessary tests from a qualified and experienced doctor, if the woman’s reproductive glands start working properly, if there is swelling in the uterus, then the pain of tubes and pelvic etc. Due to which the menstrual cycle becomes regular and the conception power can increase by increasing the conception. We also have such a successful treatment, by which a woman can increase her pregnancy ability and become pregnant by removing all the disorders that are obstructing the birth of a child.


The master has created man and woman for each other, but the body structure of both is different. Those who are only female in the female structure are called gynecological diseases. These diseases are also very painful. There is pain in the waist, body, the body remains tired, does not feel like working and the woman loses health and beauty before her age.She starts appearing older than her age, the copulatory power also decreases and she is not able to fully cooperate with her husband, due to which the married life of both husband and wife becomes unhappy. It also affects the future child or children. The family structure collapses. There are many types of gynecological diseases. But some diseases are mostly due to food, living, tolerance, climate or environment in women.

Which are of different types :-
Menstrual defects :-

The blood that comes every month in the female vagina is called menstruation. The health of a woman and the birth of a child are based on this menstrual cycle. Menstruation is able to conceive at the right time without any pain and in the right amount, and sex is also enjoyable, but if menstruation is less than the regular amount or duration and is more painful, then it affects the health of the woman. And there are all kinds of diseases.The woman becomes weak and weak. puberty ends. With our successful treatment, irregular menstruation becomes regular and starts coming freely without any trouble. Stopped menstruation starts and after getting more menstruation, the face of the woman gets better and the lost beauty starts returning again.

Painful menstruation:-

Although this complaint can happen to any woman, but it is often found especially in young girls, they feel so much pain and pain when menstruation comes which cannot be said. For a day or two, restlessness starts and the body becomes lifeless due to pain in the stomach and legs. And menstruation becomes irregular.

Excessive discharge :-

Menstruation is regular in this condition but the bleeding is much more than the quantity. Normally the menstrual bleeding should stop within 4-5 days, but in this disorder it lasts for 6 to 8 days or sometimes even more. In such a situation, the health of the woman is badly affected. Weakness, dizziness, darkness, hand, leg, body ache etc. are complained of. Such a condition is cured by proper treatment.